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Men according to the bible have the the most unique role as leaders of the nation. Righteous men are the image of The Most High and must conduct themselves as such. Men need to be built up to be in the same manner of their forefathers, and only then will righteous women truly follow them. We need to build our brothers up one man at a time, and restore the family structure that used to be. 



Men of Israel have a responsibility to one another to aid in building each other up mentally, spiritually and emotionally. By doing so, this puts brothers in the position to better serve the LORD, lead homes and become the prophets of The Most High. 

Our goal is to empower brothers, strengthen their faith, and increase their knowledge in the word of The Most High. Once a man understands his position according to the word and repents, he will grow into a righteous example to effectively share the knowledge with others.



Who are you? Who does the Most High say you are? As a man, there are many decisions to make and lots of questions to answer. Join us as we explore the life The Most High has in store for us men. We were born for so much more than the confusion we often find ourselves in. We have been systematically broken down, and look forward to uplifting. Come discover the presence of the Most High within you, and connect with other men who will encourage you to step into your destiny. Enjoy connecting with others brothers, and biblical teachings. 


Brotherhood: The bonds of brothers

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